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With curved and straight reflective painted surfaces automobiles are difficult to photograph – especially darker colours and metallic finishes.  Thrown into the mix are chrome, glass, leather, carbon-fibre and different textured plastics: Everything interacting with
light in different ways and all influenced by the locational environment.

Vehicle photography commissions come with the benefit of Tim Salix’s specific techniques and specialised equipment built-up over 15 years of being a product photographer and understanding the complexities of photographing cars. 

Tim has just purchased a drone enabling the ability to fly around a vehicle giving a 360° perspective. Videos make for a more engaging experience for potential buyers or for viewing a vehicle fleet. In addition, high-value cars can be filmed whilst they are on the move, giving a true sense of motion.


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Selling second hand vehicles is competitive.
earching on Trademe reveals many options

What ensures that a car yard’s automobiles get short-listed onto peoples’ watch-lists?  Who are then motivated to visit a showroom to get placed in front of a sales team?  Quality photography will definitely get motor vehicles noticed and are an inference to professionalism about a dealership’s operation.

Hiring a specialist with the equipment and possessing specific techniques will enhance the higher value assets
in a vehicle portfolio

Campervan – Motorhome – Peoplemover operators.
Why do consumers choose a particular business?

Websites showing generic manufacturer supplied images and interior views that are drawn up floor-plans can result in requests for additional information.  Often there is a desire to make a booking immediately after finishing comparisons between different providers and having to wait for a delayed response to specific questions could be a deterrent.

A standardised set of images for the different berth/seating sizes makes potential customer’s decision making process seamless