The pandemic has caused disruptions to the global supply-chain with halted or slowed production in automobile factories.  Resulting in delivery delays for some new models into New Zealand.  Working in tandem with this is increased shipping costs for used imports. There is now strong demand for the existing second-hand fleet in this country.  A perfect storm enabling owners of lower mileage and/or later examples to potentially maximise resale value. 

However, photographing vehicles for the uninitiated is demanding, especially when using a mobile phone.  Trademe listings that stand out from the mediocre have professional photography taken.  A worthy investment as it is only a tiny fraction of the sale price.  Potential buyers are more likely to email or call a seller with the all-important statement “I want to view your car.”


Trademe Executive Package

Includes up to 20 photos of the following recommendations:

All supplied numbered in order for optimal engagement to potential purchasers

Internal Images (8 photos)


External Images (7 photos)